1 (C, U) the part of a person, usually considered to be their brain, that they use to think and imagine things: I have a picture of him in my mind - tall, blond and handsome. | I don't know what's going on in her mind.
2 get sb/sth out of your mind to stop yourself thinking about someone or something: I just can't seem to get her out of my mind.
3 go over sth/turn sth over in your mind to keep thinking about something because you are trying to understand it or solve a problem: I kept turning the conversation over in my mind.
4 make up your mind
a) to decide which of two or more choices you want, especially after thinking for a long time: I just couldn't make up my mind, so in the end I bought both. | I wish you'd make your mind up whether you're coming or not.
b) to become very determined to do something, so that you will not change your decision: I'm sorry but my mind's made up - I'm leaving. | make up your mind to do sth: He's made his mind up to resign, and that's final. | make up your mind that: They made up their mind that they would buy a new house once Larry changed jobs..
5 change your mind to change your opinion or decision about something: I've changed my mind - I'll have a beer instead.
(+ about): Try and get her to change her mind about coming with us.
6 be in two minds about informal to be unable to make a decision about something: We're in two minds about whether to sell the house or not.
7 set your mind on (doing) sth to decide that you want to do something very much: Tom had set his mind on a trip to the Seychelles.
8 be the last thing on sb's mind to be the thing that someone is least likely to be thinking about: One thing was for sure, marriage was the last thing on Nick's mind.
9 come/spring to mind (not in progressive) if something comes to mind or springs to mind you suddenly think of it: We needed someone to look after the kids, and your name sprang to mind.
10 cross/enter your mind (that) (not in progressive) if something crosses or enters your mind, you have a particular thought or idea, especially for a short time: It never crossed my mind that Lisa might be lying.
11 turn your mind to to begin to think about a subject after you have been thinking about something else: Let's now turn our minds to tomorrow's meeting.
12 take your mind off sth to make yourself stop thinking about something that is worrying you: I decided to clean the car to take my mind off the events of the day.
13 set/put sb's mind at rest to make someone feel less worried or anxious: Call your mom and tell her you've arrived safely, just to set her mind at rest.
14 be out of your mind with grief/worry etc to be extremely worried, sad etc: Since her son was reported missing she's been out of her mind with worry.
15 be a load/weight off your mind informal to be something that you no longer need to worry about: The police said the accident wasn't my fault. Boy, was that a load off my mind.
16 on your mind if something is on your mind, you keep thinking about it and worrying about it: You look worried, Sarah. Is there something on your mind? | have a lot on your mind (=have a lot of problems to worry about): With Jim losing his job and her mother being sick, Michelle has had a lot on her mind lately
17 be out of your mind/not be in your right mind informal to behave in a way that is crazy or stupid: Nobody in their right mind would go out on a night like this. | She must be out of her mind to marry him.
18 go out of your mind/lose your mind informal to start to become mentally ill or behave in a strange way: I have so much to do - I feel like I'm going out of my mind.
19 be of sound mind law to have the ability to think clearly and be responsible for your actions
20 your mind goes blank informal if your mind goes blank, you suddenly cannot remember something: My mind went blank as soon as I went into the exam room.
21 out of sight, out of mind used to say that if you cannot see someone or something, you stop thinking about them and forget about them
22 put sth out of your mind to deliberately try to forget about something unpleasant: Put the whole experience out of your mind and try to sleep.
23 go (right) out of your mind/slip your mind if something goes out of your mind, you forget it, especially because you are too busy doing other things: Her birthday had gone right out of Jerry's mind. | slip sb's mind that: It slipped my mind that I'd agreed to meet him.
24 bring/call sth to mind
a) to make yourself remember a name, fact etc: I couldn't quite call his name to mind.
b) to remind you of something: These violent scenes bring to mind the riots of last year.
25 keep sth in mind to remember a fact or piece of information because it will be useful to you in the future: It's a good idea - I'll keep it in mind.
26 bear sth in mind to remember a useful or important piece of information: You should bear in mind that these exams affect your final result.
27 stick in your mind if a name, fact etc sticks in your mind, you remember it for a long time: For some reason the name really stuck in Joe's mind.
28 at/in the back of your mind if something is at the back of your mind, you keep remembering it or feeling it, but you do not think about it directly: At the back of his mind, Matt had been hoping that Beth would stay.
29 put you in mind of (not in progressive) old-fashioned to remind you of a person or thing from your past: Seeing the movie put me in mind of my army days.
30 to my mind BrE spoken used when you are giving your opinion about something: To my mind this is the finest building in Paris.
31 speak your mind to say exactly what you think about something, even when this might offend people
32 keep/have an open mind (about) to be willing to think about and accept new ideas or ways of doing things: My parents have a very open mind about sex before marriage.
33 have a closed mind (about) to refuse to think about or accept new ideas or ways of doing things
34 be of one mind/of the same mind/of like mind to agree with someone about something: It's not often that I meet people who are of like mind in politics.
(+ on/about): We're all of the same mind on this issue. STRONG/DETERMINED
35 have a mind of your own to decide on your opinions and make your own decisions: Even at the age of two, Joey had a mind of his own.
36 know your own mind to be very clear about what your opinions or beliefs are and not be influenced by what other people think
37 put your mind to to decide to do something or achieve something by thinking and working very hard at it: It won't take long to sort it out once you put your mind to it.
38 sb's mind is not on sth to not be thinking about what you are doing, because you are thinking or worrying about something else: Steve's mind just doesn't seem to be on the job these days. Is something wrong at home?
39 keep your mind on to keep paying attention to something even if it is boring or if you want to think about something else: It was difficult to keep our minds on the job with all the talk of war.
40 pay sb/sth no mind AmE to not pay any attention to someone or something or not care about what they are saying or doing
41 your mind wanders if your mind wanders, you no longer pay attention to something, especially because you are bored
42 it's all in your mind used to tell someone that they have imagined something and it does not really exist: one of those doctors who say you're not really sick and it's all in your mind
43 in your mind's eye if you see something in your mind's eye, you can imagine what it looks like because you remember it: She could see in her mind's eye the whitewashed cottage of her childhood.
44 have sth/sb in mind to be thinking about or considering a particular person, plan etc for a particular purpose: It's a nice house, but it wasn't quite what we had in mind.
45 have it in mind to do sth to intend to do something: Once she had it in mind to win that trophy, nothing would have stopped her.
46 have a good mind/half a mind to do sth
a) used as a not very serious threat when you want to show your disapproval of what someone has done: I've a good mind to phone him up and tell him exactly what I think.
b) used when you are considering doing something but are not sure you will: I have half a mind just to take a cab home.
47 (countable usually singular) intelligence and ability to think rather than emotions; intellect: Paul says he's doing the course to improve his mind. | a bright child with an enquiring mind
48 (C) someone who is very intelligent, especially in a particular area of study or activity: She is one of the finest political minds in the country.
49 great minds think alike spoken used to say jokingly that you and someone else must be very intelligent because you both agree about something
50 mind over matter an expression used when someone uses their intelligence to control a difficult situation
51 frame/state of mind the way someone is thinking and feeling at a particular time: I'm not going to argue with you while you're in this frame of mind.
52 give sb a piece of your mind informal to tell someone how angry you are with them
53 bored out of your mind informal extremely bored
54 stoned/drunk etc out of your mind affected by drugs or alcohol so that you do not really know what you are doing
55 time out of mind more often than you can remember: I've told you time out of mind to close that door when you leave the room.
56 CHARACTER (C) a particular way of thinking that is part of someone's character: If you ask me O'Rourke has a very devious mind.
—see also: one­track mind, blow your mind blow 1 (17), the mind boggles boggle (1), meeting of minds meeting (5), peace of mind peace (4), presence of mind, read sb's mind read 1 (12) 2 verb
1 FEEL ANNOYED (intransitive, transitive not in progressive or passive, usually in questions and negatives) to feel annoyed or upset about something: We'll have to leave early. Do you mind? | I wouldn't have minded so much if he'd apologized. | mind sth: He didn't mind the lie she'd told him, it was the fact that she'd made him look stupid. | mind sb doing sth: I hope you don't mind me bringing the dog with me. | mind that: She didn't mind that he was late as long as he got there.
2 not mind doing sth to be willing to do something: I don't mind driving if you're tired.
3 NOT CARE WHICH ONE not mind (intransitive, transitive not in progressive or passive) especially BrE to not care what is decided because you are equally happy with whatever is decided: I don't mind whether we see the film or not.
a) to be responsible for something for a short time; watch 1 (3): Will you mind my bag while I buy my ticket?
b) to take care of a child while their parents are not there; watch 1 (3): My sister minds the baby so I can go to my yoga class.
5 mind your own business to not get involved in or ask questions about other people's lives or personal details: Why don't you just mind your own business and leave me in peace?
6 mind the store AmE informal to be in charge of something, especially while the person who is usually in charge is not there: If the president didn't know about the arms sales to Iran, who is really minding the store?
7 mind your manners/language/p's and q's to be careful about what you say or how you behave so that you do not offend anyone
8 OBEY (transitive not in progressive) AmE to obey someone's instructions or advice: Mind what your mother says, Anthony.
9 never mind
a) used to say that something is not important or serious, especially when someone seems worried or is saying sorry to you: "I'm afraid I've broken the chair." "Never mind, I can easily get it fixed."
b) used to emphasize that something is impossible, because even something that should be easier is also impossible: I can't even explain the problem to my colleagues, never mind anyone else.
c) used to emphasize that something else is also true, apart from the thing you have just mentioned: Cars kill thousands of people each year, never mind the damage they do to the environment.
d) used to tell someone not to do something now, because it is less important than something else, or because you will do it later yourself: never mind sth: Never mind the dishes - I'll do them later. | never mind doing something: Never mind looking at the boys, we're supposed to be playing tennis.
e) used to say that you do not really care about something because it is much less important than something else: I want the best, never mind the cost!
(+ about): Let's get the economy right, never mind about the unemployed.
10 never you mind especially BrE used to tell someone that you are not going to tell them something because it is private or secret: "What's that you were saying to dad?" "Never you mind."
11 mind you BrE used to say something that is the opposite of what you have just said, or that emphasizes it: The photos look very old. Mind you, she did take them over 20 years ago.
12 would/do you mind used to ask someone something politely: would/do you mind doing sth: Would you mind opening the window please? | would/do you mind if: Do you mind if I smoke?
13 I wouldn't mind used to politely ask for something: I wouldn't mind a drink if you have one.
14 do you mind! used when you are annoyed at something that someone has done: Do you mind! I just washed that floor!
15 if you don't mind
a) used when checking that someone is willing to do something or let you do something: I'll come along if you don't mind.
b) used, sometimes rudely, when you do not want to do something that someone has suggested: I can handle this myself, if you don't mind!
16 if you don't mind my saying so used when you want to give advice or an opinion that you think might offend someone: I don't think you should ever hit a child, if you don't mind my saying so.
17 mind! BrE used to warn someone to be careful because something bad or dangerous might happen: Mind! That's my foot you're standing on. | mind sth: Mind the window! It's only just been repaired. | mind sb/sth doesn't do sth: Mind you don't fall off the chair. | mind how/where/who etc: Mind where you're walking. The floor's a bit slippery. | mind your head/back/fingers etc: Mind your head. The ceiling's very low in here.
18 mind out! BrE
a) used to warn someone that they are in danger: Mind out! There's a car coming!
b) used to ask someone to move so that you can pass them: Mind out! You're sitting right in front of the door.
19 don't mind me used to tell someone not to pay any attention to you: Just get on with your work, don't mind us!
20 I don't mind if I do humorous used when politely accepting something such as food or drink that has been offered to you: "Would you like a cigar?" "I don't mind if I do, thank you."

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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